Smart Wi-Fi Switchboard

You can install this Wi-Fi switchboard on the wall and connect it with the available Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi switchboard will fit in all 12 modular panels and above. You can easily install by checking the user manual or installation video uploaded on YouTube. You can also call us or message us during installation and we will guide you. Operate the device using the mobile app and Alexa.

This Wi-Fi circuit board can be used to connect 3 lights, 1 fan regulator/dimmer and 1 socket.

The device comes in white, red, blue and green shade.


You need to connect the device with your home wi-fi network and operate the device using the donube mobile app.

Have Any Questions?

At Donube we deliver strong customer support for an easy installation of all our products. Our products are available on digital platforms as well as in retail.

Please visit our website to know more and order. customer care number at the bottom

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